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clinical massage

Clinical Massage

Our skilled therapists integrate Swedish massage with other specific techniques to create an individualized treatment. Clients may request light, moderate or deep pressure. Each session is organized around your needs and goals for maximum relaxation and therapeutic results.

Spa Treatments

Allow one and a half to two hours for this treatment which begins with an invigorating exfoliation to remove dead skin cells using native desert botanicals such as blue corn or mesquite meal. This process promotes blood circulation and cleans pores allowing better absorption of the natural ingredients used in the body wrap. Once the mesquite honey cream is applied the client is then wrapped to create warmth and allow the cream to absorb into the skin. While wrapped, the client enjoys a facial fomentation with warm towels soaked in lavender water and a foot massage. After the wrap is gently removed the treatment is concluded with a relaxing massage.

shiatsu massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage which incorporates stretches and applied finger pressure along energy meridians throughout the body. This stimulates and balances the flow of energy to reduce stress and increase awareness of the mind, body, spirit connection. Shiatsu is done on a futon, on a table, or on a Thai mat on the floor. This modality is without the use of oils or lotion and clients remain clothed.

shiatsu massage


Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic pressure point technique based on the understanding that certain parts of the body, referred to as microsystems, reflect the whole. It involves applying alternating pressure with the hands to specific points on the feet, hands, ears or face that effect various organs or parts of the body. Reflexology balances the nervous system by stimulating these microsystems, such as the nerve endings of the feet. These nerve endings connect through the spinal nerves, and then on to their corresponding organs throughout the body. Reflexology also works with the circulatory system breaking up congestion and deposits in the feet, which in turn helps to detox the body. It has been observed that Reflexology can reduce stress and tension and enhance the body’s ability to heal and balance both body and spirit.

reiki treatment


Reiki treatments draw upon the ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings rediscovered in mid-19th Century Japan. This practice draws on the ubiquitous life force energy of the universe through the practitioner’s placement of her hands on the receiver over the major chakras and organs of the body in a series of 10 to 20 positions that are held for a few minutes at each energy center of the receiver. The series of positions helps the receiver reactivate his or her own energetic flow to, through and from these areas of the body to restore energetic balance. The practitioner does not use his or her own energy but rather helps clients use and direct their own energy and draw upon Reiki or life energy.

Reiki is a type of body work that does not involve the physical manipulation of soft tissues of the body but rather uses light touch of varying pressures to restore balance in the receiver. Reiki as such is not massage but an energetic body work that uses Asian understanding of energetic flow and centers similar to the energetic aspects of Asian massage modalities such as Shiatsu treatments that combine massage and energy work.

prenatal massage

Prenatal Massage

Deeply relaxing and beneficial massage that has many benefits for mom and baby:

  • reduces stress and encourages relaxation that is also felt by your baby
  • relieves pain in legs, feet, pelvis and lower back
  • increases suppleness, mobility and flexibility, preparing your body for labor and delivery
  • improves digestion and promotes better sleep
  • encourages the growth of your baby by improving blood and lymph circulation
  • pampers the mother-to-be, and nurtures the new life that grows inside of you
  • after your baby is born, massage will ease the sore muscles that occur from holding your baby

We offer Prenatal massage during 2nd and 3rd trimester (12 weeks to 40 weeks). For more information about contraindications of receiving massage during pregnancy please see our release form.

Prenatal Release Form

Prenatal Release Form Contraindications

Chair Massage

This is a rejuvenating style of bodywork using a specially designed chair. The treatment uses no oil or lotion and allows clients to remain clothed. Chair massage is easy, convenient, and adaptable to most workplaces. Treatments are available in our office or on-site at your location.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy centers on restrictions in the flow of cerebral and spinal fluid. Through the use of light touch the therapist use gentle techniques to balance the flow of the fluid that bathes the protected portions of the CNS (Central Nervous System). The fascia throughout the body can also be a focus of this work. Gentle but powerful, craniosacral therapy enhances relaxation, balance in the nervous system, and is helpful to neck and back problems, jaw issues and TMJ, post-dental work issues, headache, pain, anxiety and depression are also common problems treated with CS therapy.


hot & cold stone therapy

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Hot stone massage can help a client enter a deep level of relaxation. The treatment time can be between an hour to an hour and a half. The heat of the stones held in the therapists hands during the treatment penetrates into the muscle layers allowing the tissue to relax and lengthen. The therapist can then use the stones with long, gliding strokes as well as sustained pressure to release points of tension. Not only are the stones used as a tool to work out tension but they are also placed on strategic areas of the body for grounding, balancing energy, and keeping the body warm during the treatment. The clients comfort level to temperature is carefully monitored. Cold Stone Our Cold Stones are made from hand-crafted marble by one of Tucson’s local sculptors. Cold Stone treatments reduce inflammation and swelling. As vasoconstriction occurs the body blood is flushed through the area thus helping move waste out of tissues. Its analgesic effect also helps reduce pain in specific areas.

Combining Hot and Cold stones in a treatment can create a healthy vascular workout resulting in homeostasis, tonification and deep core relaxation.

sports massage

Sports Massage

Our sports massage can be designed specifically for pre, post event or maintenance massage. Whether you are a week end warrior, professional athlete, dancer or musician, sportsmassage can help restore your body to it’s optimal condition.

  • Boosts athletic performance and endurance
  • Injury prevention
  • Increases mechanical efficiency
  • Reduces recovery time from injury
  • Extends athletic career
  • Pain reduction
lymph massage

Lymphatic Massage

The primary function of the lymph system is to defend the body against disease. This is a gentle massage uses light circular pressure to help cleanse, detoxify and nourish the body’s tissues.

Conditions that respond well to lymphatic massage are:

  • Weak immune system
  • Chronic congestion
  • Lymphedema
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Post-surgery inflammation

Instruction in Basics

A class is now being offered to the public at our office. Students are given one-on-one tutoring by the owner, Kathy Rinn. Kathy received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Northern Arizona University and has 20 years teaching experience at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts.

This class is designed for those that have an interest in learning some of the fundamental strokes to safely and effectively work on friends and family members. No prior experience is necessary.

The 2 hour class may be taken by couples or individuals and will take place on an evening that is convenient for you. The cost is $50. This also makes a unique gift for someone you know that already shows some talent in massage