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Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner


Medical Qigong, Qigong with cupping


A Bit About Me

Motivation to Become a Bodyworker: I have been on a healing journey for a few
years, and Medical Qigong found me. I have always been driven to help others: my love of pets, caring for my mother at home as a teenager, nursing, Reiki, and now as a
Medical Qigong Practitioner.

Medical Qigong is one of the oldest energetic modalities stemming from Traditional
Chinese Medicine. This rich history goes back thousands of years. With my training, I
have protocols for menopause, migraines, and some neurological conditions to name a few. Medical Qigong has blessed me with many personal tools to aid me in healing physical, emotional, and mental traumas. I want to share these tools and gifts with others because the effects are eye-opening, lasting, and grounding. I assist you in your personal healing. This is a collaboration between you and me.

I have been practicing Medical Qigong since 2019, Reiki since 2017, and Qigong as Health Instructor since 2021 (teaching at Yoga Connection since Jan. 2023).

One treatment is nice, but you will notice more benefits if you do a series of treatments, I recommend three. This is so you can discern if these treatments are actually helping you attain your healing goals.


“Having this session with Kiki was an act of self-care that felt
like an energetic recharge. I would highly recommend a session with him!”

“Christopher (Kiki) is a wonderful and genuine human being. He
listens to you and your body and does his best to connect with you on every level. He is also fantastic with patient follow-up and being a great resource during tough times.”

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