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Right Touch Massage Therapy products

We sell what we use in our treatments. We research our product lines to make sure they contain safe, ingredients and purchase organic whenever possible. Several of our product lines are locally produced as we believe in supporting other local small businesses. All licensed massage therapists or body workers receive a 10% discount on all retail products.

All licensed massage therapists or body workers receive a 10% discount on all retail products.

Kuumba Made - 4 Treasures

Contains; bath salt, bath & body oil, body lotion and fragrance oil.

Various Scents –

  • Lily of the Valley
  • Black Coconut
  • Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Water Goddess

HERBAL FIRST AID This line of products has 6 healing slaves that are all 90 to 98% certified organic, these salves are effective, safe and gentle enough to use on children. They make herbal infusions in an olive oil base to ensure excellent skin absorption and delivery of the herbs healing benefits.

  • Breathe Deep Chest Rub
  • Joint Support
  • Strain & Sprain Recovery
  • Repetitive Stress Relief
  • Herbal Healing Salve
  • Scar Repair
1/3 oz. $3.60
1 oz. $9.00
2 oz. $14.00
Travel Kit (includes all 6 salves in 1/3 oz. containers) $20.00
Zen Organics  
Zen Organics From professional massage therapy to personal skin care, all Zen products are made with toxin free, organic ingredients. They are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. Nut free products are also available.  
Massage Creme  
8 oz. $11.95
1/2 gallon $39.95
1 gallon $69.95
Lavender Massage Creme  
8 oz. $11.95
Bergamot-Orange Massage Creme  
8 oz. $11.95
Waterless Cleanser with tea tree and peppermint essential oils  
8 oz. $16.95
Body Butter- orange-bergamot or lavender  
2 oz. $12.95
Footstar Massage Ball  
footstar Small size allows you to zero in on troubled areas such as forearms, calves, hamstrings & feet. Helps muscles recover faster by stimulating the movement of oxygen and nutrients.. $8.00
DEEP BREATH DESIGNS – DeepBreathDesigns.com  
Lavender Eye Pillow $13.00
Deep Breath Designs - Lavender Eye Pillow Filled with organic flaxseed, lavender & lavender essential oil. Muslin pillow with a removable, washable pillow case. When placed over eyes it can relieve eye strain, tension headaches and mental fatigue. Use pillow cold to help soothe away stress. Available in a rainbow of cotton batiks. Request specific colors or we’ll choose our best sellers. Packaged in a clear plastic pillow box.  
Good Medicine Ball $7.00
Deep Breath Designs - Good Medicine Ball Use to relieve inflammation & joint stiffness. Filled with organic flaxseed organic herbs & a soothing blend of organic essential oils. Massage with hands, neck or roll under feet, use on shoulders, elbows or knees. Use hot or cold. Available in a rainbow of batik fabrics. Request specific colors or we’ll send our best sellers. Packaged in a heat sealed bag with descriptive tag  
Yoga Deep Relaxation Eye Pillow $10.00
yoga-eye-pillow Made with organic flaxseed, organic lavender flowers & organic lavender essential oil. This pillow has a gentle weight, perfect for savasana. Unique two section design. When placed over eyes it will create a sense of relaxation, healing and peace. The scent of lavender is calming. May be placed in freezer before using for soothing stress. Smaller design, lighter in weight than the larger eye pillow.  
BIO-FREEZE – BioFreeze.com  
biofreeze Biofreeze is a topical pain reliever using menthol as it’s active ingredient. It helps promote temporary relief of pain associated with sprains, arthritis or backaches by overriding the pain signal to the brain.  
Gel, Roll-On 3.5/4 oz. $11.50
16 oz. Pump $40.00
HOBA JOJOBA CARE – JojobaCompany.com  
Hoba Jojoba Care The jojoba plant which grows here in the southwest desert produces a seed in which the oil is extracted. This oil is actually a liquid wax which closely matches the restorative esters produced by the human skin, hair or nails. It is unscented and, because it’s a wax, does not go rancid like oils.  
1 oz. $3.50
4 oz. $9.00
8 oz. $14.00
1 Liter $45.00
KATE’S MAGIK – KatesMagik.com  
Anointing Oils, .5 oz $14.95 / $6.95
Kate's Magic Anointing Oils 20 unique smelling Anointing Oils to stimulate your senses and enhance your daily life. Choose an oil to help you remove obstacles and achieve your goals. Apply each oil on the appropriate Chakra to enhance the effect. Generously apply them to your skin, anoint a candle or even use them in a healing bath. Blends or single note scents available.  
Baseball Caps $13.00
Salt Crystal Lamps $45.00
Sage Bundles  
small $6.00
large $10.00
Smudge Kits $12.00
Cedar Bags $6.00
Sweetgrass Braids $7.00
Empty Plastic Pump Jars, 8 oz. (Good for massage lotions and crèmes) $8.00 ea.
Pumps for 1/2 gal. & 1 gal. Containers $3.50 ea.