About Us

Kathy Rinn Owner Shiatsu Practitioner, LMT, American Massage Council
We are a dedicated group of licensed, professional massage therapists who can provide therapeutic massage and spa treatments including; muscle tissue relaxation, energy and balancing, chronic pain management, and stress reduction. Our office is centrally located in Tucson, Arizona and is open seven days a week with evening hours available. Our therapists are also able to come to your location.

Our services include;

  • We are owner operated and are the oldest massage establishment in Tucson.
  • All therapists have several years experience prior to working here and are licensed with the state of Arizona.
  • Treatments last the full time advertised and include aromatherapies if desired.
  • All treatments are tailored to fit your needs that day. We do not charge extra for receiving deep tissue or specific work on a problem area.
  • Half hour breaks in between appointments allow time prior to the treatment for the therapist and clients to discuss the goals for that session.
  • Time is allowed after the treatment for the client to relax in the room as they slowly get ready to re-enter the outside world.
  • Therapists make written records of the treatment in your private file which is available to you, your doctor or lawyer with your written permission.
  • We have complimentary snacks and beverages available for our clients.
  • Our office is handicap accessible.

Our Mission

My mission is to create a peaceful environment for the community to receive safe, restorative touch by hiring well-educated therapists who demonstrate high levels of ethical conduct and quality bodywork. Equally important to me is to have a healthy, cooperative work environment where all can grow and prosper. I don’t believe you can truly have one without the other.

–Kathy Rinn, Owner

The Right Touch Massage Therapy

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